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Jane Cameron | A Year in Review

We are proud to open the unique submissions of this year’s In-House Jane Cameron competition at our AGM on June 19th.

This incredible exhibition includes works of art from sixty different IDAS artists and presents an opportunity win well deserved recognition for their contributions to the creative community. We will be announcing the winner as well as two runners up at our AGM.

We welcome everyone to experience the unique and incredible efforts of these artists and explore a variety of different mediums including drawing, painting, stitching, felting, quilting, ceramics, pottery and sculpture! The view is inspiring and should not be missed.

Last year’s proud winner was Amber Harriman for “A Bug’s Life”, a masterpiece of pottery and Venetian Plaster. Lauren MacMillan and Philip Lee both received an honourable mention.

The exhibit runs from June 19th to August 18th in the In-Definite Arts Optimist Gallery from 9am to 4pm, Monday through Thursday, and is open to all members of the public.

Rabbit and Forest Mushrooms

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